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Registry picture Mary Alice Shreve Cory Cain Nov 3, 2018
Registry picture Anna Mary Shields Thomas Harper Hollis Oct 27, 2018
Murray Duhe' Jake Johnson Oct 27, 2018
Louise Chiepalich James Tennant Sep 29, 2018
Registry picture Cinzia Calabretta Alexander Raue Sep 9, 2018
Registry picture Kati Baker Jake Schuhmann Aug 12, 2018
Registry picture Micki Brunson Ross Kerwin Jul 4, 2018
Maddy Shulman William Semple Jun 30, 2018
Registry picture Charlotte Parker Michael Holland Jun 30, 2018
Maddy Shulman William Semple Jun 30, 2018
Heather Pope Jeff Setterstrom Jun 30, 2018
Registry picture Marcy Smith Matthew Zambo Jun 23, 2018
Bailey Sanders Kyle Toscano Jun 23, 2018
Lauren Summerford Todd Amos Jun 9, 2018
Registry picture Anna McClure Theo Middleton Jun 2, 2018
Charlotte Elena Smith Herman Wright Cox May 26, 2018
Patricia Finkbohner Larry Vahle May 26, 2018
Elleni Gavalas Demetri Papastefan May 19, 2018
Katie Crow Robert McNeil May 19, 2018
Registry picture Emily Killion Les Buerger May 19, 2018
Registry picture Rebekah Taylor Mark Franklin May 19, 2018
Daly Latham Blake Pollman May 12, 2018
Susan Marjorie Anderson Patrick Brooks George May 5, 2018
Audrey Phillips Ludger Lapeyrouse May 4, 2018
Caroline Harris Hinds David Alan Elliott Apr 21, 2018
Registry picture Sarah Eicholtz Mickey Brown Apr 14, 2018
Registry picture Ashleigh Still Snap Nelson Apr 7, 2018
Ebie Wilson Patrick Forwood Apr 7, 2018
Registry picture Sarah Kinsaul Mark Perone, Jr. Mar 31, 2018
Mary Helene Adger Charlie McLean Mar 24, 2018
Registry picture Tara Tirpak Trent Walters Mar 24, 2018
Katie Leatherbury Jacob Wolf Mar 18, 2018
Courtney Parker Henley Kelly Mar 17, 2018
Registry picture Heather Marie Turner Jacob Lane Tillman Mar 10, 2018
Holley Hassell Pearson Cunningham Mar 10, 2018
Mary Catherine Keith John Matthew Phillips Mar 3, 2018
Anne Watson Rutledge Daniel Anthony Calanca Feb 3, 2018
Registry picture Murre Martindale Ryan Foster Jan 20, 2018
Jane Cowley Turner John McComas Allgood Jan 13, 2018
Kathleen Galloway Trey Collins Jan 13, 2018
Kaki Cleondis Thomas Taylor Jan 13, 2018
Jane McKinnon Stephens Jared Lee Owenby Jan 6, 2018
Haley Horn John Carter Jan 6, 2018
Fay Phillips Earle Dawson Jan 6, 2018
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About our Bridal & Gift Registry Service

For over 80 years Zundel’s has been helping brides select table appointments and personal gifts that will enhance their life style. Our professional bridal consultants are available to help brides select patterns, blend new patterns with family heirlooms and select gifts for attendants and hostesses. And of course we are happy to answer any questions concerning traditions or etiquette.

As a Zundel’s registered bride you have the confidence in knowing that each gift purchased is carefully recorded, gift wrapped and delivered. Our exchange policy allows brides to return gifts in order to even out their patterns or choose other items they need.

We recognize each bride is unique and deserves personal attention. We endeavor to make the registry experience stress free and enjoyable.

For information regarding bridal registration, please call 251-344-8300 or email bridal@zundelsjewelry.com. We will be happy to assist you with a gift selection.

Our best wishes to...

Mary & John who are celebrating their Wedding

Heather & Jacob who are celebrating their Wedding

Holley & Pearson who are celebrating their Wedding

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Water Glass Waterford Lismore Essence Water Glass • $80.00

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~ Ashleigh in AL

"Easy to navigate through the website and see all the additional options that are not in store. "
~ Heather in AL

"Zundel's was easy to work with and very helpful in selecting gifts. Enjoyed working with the awesome staff! "
~ Downing in AL

"Zundel's has a good selection, and has been very easy to work with (even though I live out of town). Thankful for their great staff!"
~ Murre in AL

~ Virginia in AL

"Very easy process! Thanks for all of your help!"
~ Natalie in AL

~ Sydney in AL

"Excellent service! Also- so glad to have the registry online now!"
~ Lauren in AL

"We loved being able to register online. This makes is very easy for out of town couples getting married in Mobile. Thank you for making this so easy and fun!"
~ Mary in AL

"We had a great time registering with Mrs. Becky! Such a great selection to choose from!"
~ Meghan in AL

"Dylan and I had the best time selecting items for our registry with Mrs. Barbara! Thanks for a great experience. "
~ Maegan in AL

"So happy to register with Zundel's! Such great and personal customer service, and beautiful selections!"
~ Katie in AL

~ Samantha in AL

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